'Winedown' Benateau 39 Melb to Jervis Bay 2016 & Syd to Townsville March '18

2016 Melbourne to Jervis Bay...

Along with owner Brian and two of his regular racing crew Peter and Tony we set off from Sandringham YC to Jervis Bay. As the cards and backgammon indicate the weather in Bass Straight was mostly benign apart from a short 15 minute 35knt squall just short of Gabo.

We decided to stop over for the night in Bermagui (see pic with yacht amoungst fishing boats) to let a front pass through and set off early the following day for our best days sailing averaging 6-7 knots with full sails and finally no motor. arrived early the following morning to our destination and settled into the new home.

Thank you to Peter and Tony, now seasoned salt water sailors for a great first effort at sea and to Brian for the excellent preparation of the vessel.

2018 Sydney to Townsville...

What a fun trip was had by all. New owners Michael and Judy along with their good friend Dr/Chef Alan and Crewman Clarke, we had two weeks of everything. Weather was from every direction and differing strengths from very little to over 40kts. Rain'Winedown' Benateau 39 Melb to Jervis Bay 2016 & Syd to Townsville March '18, sunshine. Fine dining on board (by Chef Alain) and ashore at a couple of our stopovers. Winedown arrived in immaculate condition just as Brian had handed it over. One sticky winch was the extent of our problems over the 1000 miles apart from minor surgery by Dr Alan on Judy's little toe (superglue and a tissue to the rescue)


2024 Kepple Bay to Sydney...

Winedown passes on to new owners yet again. After 6 years of lovingly enjoying Winedown, Michael and Judy decided it was time to pass her on to new owners Rohan and Rachael Hungerford. Originally we were to do the delivery without owners help but I think my encouragement to nautical newcomers Rohan and Rachael had them realise how much they could benefit from Murray and my combined sailing experience of 110 years! So along they both came. As is most common the SE winds prevailed and the associated choppy seas meant not the most pleasant or comfortable ride and unfortunately Rachael was somewhat poorly for a lot of the trip but to her credit she stayed onboard and slowly mostly felt better. Pretty much non stop apart for fuel, pizzas at Southport, Burgers at Coffs and sheltering from a southerly front with associated electrical storm for 12 hours at Shoal Bay. Only very small issues with the boat all due to the age of the gear and sails. Murray again my right hand and did a brilliant job as always and a special mention of thanks for his dedicated updating of his new electronic log.

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  1. Grahame BearApril 18, 2024

    Yacht Winedown owned by Rachael Hungerford. She joined the crew at the last minute.

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