Hideaway III Honeymoon 33 Coffs to Tweed Heads March 2024

Coffs to Tweed March 2024...

Owner Jenny had been around the ocean for much of her life either in it or on it and bought this lovely well appointed craft which I believe will very much suit her intention. She will be able to spend time on her cruising the nearby waterways or just have lovely weekends in the Tweed. Another skipper assisted Jenny for the trip from Lake Macquarie but weather and time against meant leaving her in Coffs for a couple of week and that's where I joined Jenny and friend Greg for the remainder of the delivery. The trip went very well with no issues at all with the boat however unfortunately despite being at the Tweed entrance just prior to high tide, there was breaking waves across the bar and after observing for half an hour, decided Southport was a safer option. About a week later Jenny and a local Tweed skipper completed the voyage to her new home. Thank you to Jenny and Greg for their assistance and particularly to Jenny for the amazing meals she prepared in at times a very lumpy sea. Best of luck with Hideaway and the future.

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