Grahame Bear

I was so fortunate, growing up on Rose Bay, at the age of eight my father decided to build a Heron sailing dinghy to introduce me to the sport and we raced from Woollahra SC. Instantly sailing became a passion and through high school I sailed 5 days per week being able to replace cricket as my sport of choice. Ocean cruising and racing commenced in 1975 when a school mate asked me to deliver and race a 25ft quarter tonner to Eden and back to Sydney. Since then I have done countless ocean races on the eastern seabord and cruises and deliveries in both yachts and power boats. In 1989, I enrolled at TAFE studied and excelled in all the theory courses required for Master 5 qualification. I put this knowledge into practice when I bought a cruising yacht and embarked on many voyages with my young family. In 1992, I qualified as an AYF instructor and was employed at Pacific Sailing School. In 2011 I was headhunted to crew on a yacht in the Sydney to Southport race. I asked the skipper ‘who was delivering the boat from Airlie Beach back to Sydney’. Trevor offered me the delivery and this became my first professional job. From this opportunity, Special Delivery the business begun and this became my profession as my love of the sea merged with my need for sustenance.




Murray, presently my main man. Since resigning from his full time job early 2018, Murray and I have traveled over 10,000 nm together in vessels ranging from 32ft sailboats  to 84ft luxury power boats. We have wonderful rapport with one another and total trust in each other’s judgement and capabilities.



Rocky, ‘mr fix it’ yes, Rocky can fix just about anything out of currently available materials. Seen in this pic putting the steering back together on a cat half way across the Tasman. Rocky and I have done in excess of 6000nm together and has completed the theory to attain yachtmaster qualification. He is also fire captain and first respondent on Dangar Is where he lives.  On top of this, a great onboard chef - bellisimo!!


Mary Benadette - On shore support

Mary, my partner, plays a pivotal role in our deliveries constantly watching over our progress. If ever an emergency situation were to happen, she has the protocols in place to instigate awareness to the relevant authorities or assist with any information they require. Mary also is happy to be in contact with owners during a delivery to answer any questions they might have if I’m not contactable.


Ray, mostly retired from full time work availing him to come sailing and keep fit. Very experienced yachtsman and seaman having sailed many thousands of miles. Always comfortable no matter the boat or the conditions, a great attribute to our business.



I first met Paul about 6 years ago when he was walking along the wharf at Eden. After a brief chat, he indicated he was looking for more sea time and asked if I might ever need crew. So I offered him to join me on a yacht heading for Townsville and we immediately we clicked and started a friendship which continues to this day. Paul has now helped me with many deliveries and is comfortable on both power and sail boats. He also is very accomplished in the galley. In 2020 he joined me on a 2 power boats Fremantle to Sydney and Gold Coast to Hobart and then a yacht from Hobart to Sydney.