“Sulis” Adams 40 Scarborough Brisbane to Sydney June 2014

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Sulis Adams 40

Brisbane to Sydney June 2014

A new purchase for Jon to enable him with his wife and two teenage boys to live the “cruising dream”. Heading off next April, 2 terms off school firstly to New Caledonia and then who knows???

We had a few issues on the delivery due to dirty fuel which had apparently been sitting in tanks for 4 years! But once sorted, had a dream run back to Pittwater including flying the gennaker much to Martin’s pleasure.

Tim, a friend of the new owner who crewed on the delivery wrote:

Having joked early on with another member of the crew about starting our own dread voyage, how little did I think that murphy’s law could come true and what could go wrong did.  Thankfully we had Grahame to pull us out of trouble, help advise, troubleshoot, and all and all get us in the right direction heading back.  I have no doubt, that without him, we’d still be further and further east off Point Danger, heading to New Zealand.  Grahame is by far a confident, experienced and friendly skipper who was more than happy to show, teach and share his knowledge with a lesser experienced crew.   I would have no hesitation in both recommending his services or sailing with him again.  
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