“Freeway” Carter Passage 33 Sydney to Auckland October 2014

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A very well prepared older yacht which had new Garmin electronics and auto pilot (George) fitted for the voyage by Boatworks at Woolwich. The rig was taken out checked and meticulously put back together with all worn rigging replaced by Joe Walsh. New Jib and mainsail by Doyle Sails. It was a big refit but in the long run well worthwhile as we had a seamless delivery. Weather conditions were perfect with North West winds the whole way varying in strength from 10-40kts. One knockdown with a breaking wave over the side filled the cockpit but the boat responded very well with no damage and drained very quickly. We were forever grateful for the new dodger which gave a wonderful degree of protection and made for a comfortable voyage.

We were two up and my thanks again to my magnificent crew mate Andy who again showed his 100% reliability, skill and companionship on this delivery.

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