Cygnet - Etap 37 Gold Coast to Adelaide - May 2019

May 2019...

After finding water in the fuel at the Gold Coast, we needed to drain off about a litre from the tank and bleed the system and renew all filters.  Finding the fuel in this condition gave us little confidence about the maintenance of the motor. Next we decided to check and probably replace the impeller. Unfortunately 3 of the 6 screws broke due to heavy corrosion. Being Good Friday, we were   unable to buy a new raw water pump. Solution was to drill out the remaining screws and replace with bolts. With a successful fix, we left the following day. Trip to Sydney with new owner Tom and friend Dennis started off in inclement weather but once we cleared Pt Danger, it just got better and better.


Tom and Dennis headed back to work and Rocky joined me for the remainder of the trip. A massive front developed in Bass Strait and meant 2 1/2 days holed up in Bermagui until it passed. See the Seabreeze live wind in the image above. The rest of the trip was without incident but very very cold. Tom and his son met us and said the last 40 miles into Adelaide.


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