November 2021 'D and J' Fontaine Pajot 43 Tweed to Sydney

November 2021 Tweed to Sydney...


Jane and partner David bought this cat site unseen and did they luck out big time. What a lovely boat in fantastic condition. Certainly Jane organised a little bit of maintenance and servicing up at the Boatworks prior to Capt Troy crossing the border and entering the then border bubble at Tweed Heads.

Along with new crew member Alex, Jane and myself met up did the provisioning, familiarised ourselves with all aspects of the boat before retiring ready for an early start the following morning. Unfortunately Jane's partner David had to pull out of the delivery at the last minute but it was wonderful to meet him and be part of his excitement when we arrived at the Spit in Sydney.

The voyage was a bit of a mix with weather but fortunately mostly in the right direction. We did have a break in Shoal Bay waiting for a southerly front to pass through and were fortunate to all have a swim and experience Jane's pizza and ice cream making skills.

It was delightful to meet and spend the time with Jane and Alex picked up what was expected of him and excelled. I'm certainly hoping another opportunity comes along to sail together again.


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