November 2021 'The Jewels' Catalina 36 Sydney to Tweed Heads


Owner Steve asked us to pick up his new yacht from Paradise beach at Pittwater. On hearing this, I was delighted at the prospect of a trip down memory lane. Way back in my memory I called that location as my parents often rented a holiday cottage at that beach and I had mixed memories of enjoyment mixed with tears as I had my first swimming lessons there aged 3! Not to be disappointed, that ocean pool was exactly as I remembered and the narrow street was still steep and just as impassable, just a few of the houses had been majorly upgraded.

The trip went really well, no issues and Ray and I stopped for a few hours sleep at Coffs primarily to avail our arrival at Tweed in daylight and on the right part or the tide.

Thank you Steve for entrusting us and to Ray for his expertise and great mate ship.


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