Cocomarje Hallberg Rassy 40 Vuda Pt Fiji to Pittwater Sydney September 2015

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Mike the owner of Cocomarje bought and sailed the yacht from Vancouver to Fiji four years ago. Since then, he has cruised the beautiful waters of Fiji but decided it was time to have his yacht closer to home and felt Pittwater was the best place on the East coast to keep it.

My crew Blair and I had a great sail across the Pacific having a few reasonable strong breezes mixed in with some of the smoothest seas I have ever seen. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets and most particularly the evening we passed Lord Howe Island. WE had a one day stopover at Isle of Pines to refuel where we met Roger who ferried us into the wharf and back all day with our jerry cans – a BIG thank you. We also had great success taking noon sextant sights getting accuracy of around 30 miles.

A huge thank you goes to Blair for the exceptional job he did crewing with me and I look forward to many more miles together in the future.

ps the photos with the men in uniforms is Customs at Neutral Bay. We were selected for a random search so 10 officers and a dog for three hours but nothing to be found!

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