“Time Lord” Schionning Wilderness 1030 Hobart to Auckland July 2016

Time lord new
Message from Paul (blue)

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Time Lord was a strong boat and the rig was well built. Unfortunately much of the peripheral equipment was second hand and not professionally installed and we had a lot of break-downs. Rocky, my crew was incredible. His logical, lateral approach to fixing things was very very creditable. I am very grateful for his effort especially in the first 4-5 days when we had big winds (up to 45kts), large seas up to 6mtrs and extremely cold and wet conditions. Paul and Lucy, the new owners were so supportive during our delivery and at one point asked us to go to Sydney if we were at all worried about the integrity of the boat. I assured Paul we were ok and would make it to Auckland, hence his delight on our arrival. I wish them much joy with Time Lord, once they sort a few issues, they have a fantastic exciting boat to sail around Auckland and beyond.

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