'Split' Salona 35 Brisbane to Sydney July 2023

Brisbane to Sydney July 2023...

We delivered Antony's previous yacht 'Banter' a couple of years ago and although Antony has enjoyed sailing the First 45 felt the need to downsize to a performance cruiser that he and his family could manage and enjoy more easily. The Salona built in Croatia is a lovely very well finished vessel with everything very well apportioned and positioned. I especially liked that the back cushions in the saloon when removed instead of having lockers, opened to the hull and created a bed about the size of a king single on both sides. There was ample cupboards and storage for both food and gear as well. On the final day from Newcastle we finally got some decent wind and with full gear up, once the wind got to 12 knots on our beam we scooted along at 7 kts.

Wishing Antony and his family a lot of enjoyment from this great boat and thank you to him for asking us again to deliver for him.


Thank you to Captain Murray for assisting me with this delivery and as always having his expertise making for an effortless delivery.

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