November 2020…

Nora very kindly drove myself, husband Anthony and brother in law David to Batemans Bay where we climbed on board and after checking the boat had a lovely dinner at the marina restaurant. Early the next day after fuelling up we set off with a reasonable forecast of up to 20 kts from the east, south east. It did blow up significantly higher and so I though it might be prudent to shelter in Jervis Bay in order to do the required fuel transfer from the drums into the boat tank. Just before entering the bay, we had a port motor failure but managed ok on the starboard to one of the public moorings. On inspection, we couldn’t find the problem but did discover a significant fuel leak at the change per valves. After much thought and scavenging parts, we managed to jury rig the lines excluding the cracked fitting and all was well. However, we were into the later afternoon and decided to rest and stay the night. Leaving early the next morning we had a good run up the coast to Gosford arriving at about 2000.

There will be a few jobs for Anthony to get Sea Renity right up to speed but Im sure she will provide Nora, Anthony and family much pleasure in the future.


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