'Sant'ana' Meridian 411 Gold Coast to Hobart November 2020

November 2020...

Another 'Covid 19 site unseen purchase'. Lying in the gold coast, this Meridian 411 had been mildly neglected for a while. Some electronics no longer working, and clears severely worn, however the the strength of the build and quality machinery meant there were very good bones and now is the time for Jeff and Michele to give her some loving and an upgrade. We had great weather on the way down apart from a massive squall when we arrived at Lady Barron to top up the fuel. 45 kt winds  meant we had difficulty anchoring despite having 40 mtrs of chain out in 4 mtrs of water.  We only stopped for fuel and the tide to get into the Narrows at Dunally. Thank you to Paul for crewing this voyage and to Jeff for his excellent shore support.

Pictures show the gaffer tape repair to the bridge clears which held despite a lot of water and wind, the barometer drop and rise as the front moved through and the calm after the storm at Lady Barron.


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