“Makroro” Westsail 32 Brisbane to Newcastle November 2014

IMG_2006 IMG_2001 IMG_1996 IMG_1994 IMG_1993New owner ,Tom bought this lovely older style live aboard yacht with just that in mind. After owning it for a very short time, Tom proposed to his girlfriend Kelly whilst spending a weekend on the boat (she said yes) and they now live aboard and commute to work until the day comes that they live the dream and set sail for far away lands. The name Makroro, Tom tells me means fair sailing in a Polynesian language. The delivery went well apart from some blockages in the primary fuel filter requiring another customised redirection directly into a clean fuel drum! Apart from that we had an overnight stopover in Sugarloaf Bay where we arrived one hour before a 40kt southerly hit and was very glad to have the shelter of the bay until morning. Wishing Tom and Kelly all the very best for their future and many happy times on Makroro.

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