Heritage 52 Queenscliff Pt Phillip Bay to Georges River Sydney Feb 2015

Welshpool Wharf in need of some repair!
Welshpool Wharf in need of some repair!
Blair having a snack
Blair having a snack
David the happy new owner waving, Blair and myself
David the happy new owner waving, Blair and myself

pics in post-5pics in post-4

a hitchhiker
a hitchhiker














Hi Grahame,
We were surprised with your invoice. Even though you first said your fee was $500 plus GST/day; however you had driven day and night to deliver to Sydney within 3 days.
You remember how I told you we had bad luck meeting dishonest and untrustful people?
The Melbourne boat sale broker took everything on the boat after he gave David the key. David had to moor the boat at Melbourne Marina, where the broker can get access to, besides David gave him the spare key in case of emergency. All the inventory was taken!!!
We had to moor the boat for 1 week due to bad weather. I found the skipper Joe,the” xxxxxxxx” who was willing to deliver the boat immediately.
Only few hours they casted off Joe started to sabotage our vessel, saying battery issue, electrical issue, oil gauge…. Initially Joe said we needed to change battery otherwise they wont continue the journey. David had to ask for special delivery of 2 batteries( you saw them in the lounge) from Melbourne.
Then Joe pulled the carpet in his cabin saying there was a leak, a crack…. So it’s not safe to continue. They forced David to return to Melbourne for Joe to fix it. David didnt want to go back to Melbourne so they stopped in Queenscliff. They went home and few hours later Joe email me an invoice of $30,000 to fix the boat, though we paid Joe $4,000 cash in the day they casted off ($700 being for spare parts he bought for us. Price was 50% more than normal retail, off course!!)
We were very upset that Joe and the broker, both were italian and I spoke italian to them, ripped us badly.
We are not rich. We financed this boat 100%.
We didnt buy the boat for leisure like many, but to fix our situation problem.
We believed there bad people but also good people, like you.
So just to show our great appreciation and gratitude we have promptly paid you with little bonus.
May God bless you and your family.
Many thanks,
Kindest regards,


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