“Grace” Sunseeker 75 Fremantle to Sydney October 2016

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Every picture tells a story! I arrived in Fremantle haing cancelled my crew (Andy) as the mechanics decided at the last minute to recondition the heat exchanges which didn’t work and resulted in new ones being flown in from the Man factory in Germany. It took a week to finally get the show on the road and I filled in the time get various other issues sorted. The green drum in the picture is new anchor chain, replaced due to the existing one being the wrong pitch and not gripping as it should on the gypsy. New card for the plotters ordered and installed, second hand radar magnetron installed, IBC fuel containers on board and secured and a myriad of little fixes performed.

Weather was mostly calm with a few exceptions. However the piece de resistance was running out of fuel literally 200 metres from our destination in White Bay (Sydney). I had calculated we would have 700 ltrs left and when we filled up, we could only put 4,800 in the tank which was specified by Sunseeker as 5,500 so my estimation was spot on. Still havent received an answer as to why??

Other photos show John the new owner looking very relaxed (he joined us from Queenscliff) and Andy preparing lines for our refuelling stop at Pt Lincoln. As always, I am incredibly grateful for the great seamanship and company that Andy provides.

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