'Elise' Bavaria 46C Pt Stephens to Tweed Sept 2020

September 2020...

Barbara and Bruce live on the Gold Coast and their new purchase was in 'hot spot' NSW. So despite being a master marina, Bruce was unable to come collect Elise. They engaged me to do the delivery to Tweed Heads (then a bubble with the Gold Coast for locals). I asked Phil to join me again for this trip and thankfully he was able to arrange time from work and also to fit the voyage in and be back for his beloveds birthday. Ironically I missed being able to be with Mary for her birthday just a few days prior but I have been forgiven (the power of beautiful flowers!)

Trip went really well and we managed to pick up 1.5kt Nth current once north of Coffs and get into Tweed 1900 after 2.5 days. Bruce and his son Matt jumped on board, gave us the keys to the hire car and off they went as did we. A lovely yacht which hasn't been used much in the last 18 months but I'm sure will be soon back to near original condition and much loved once more. Thank you Phil again for your excellent help and culinary skills.


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