“Ann Louise” Bavaria 32 Sydney to Hobart December 2014

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Johannes had his late model Bavaria 32 in Pittwater but relocated to Hobart so along with two of his work associates, asked me to assist with the delivery to Hobart. Murray and Lloyd joined me in Sydney and sailed her to Eden where we waited for Johannes. As luck has it, it was during the two days we waited that a significant southerly came and went and we had a very pleasant crossing of the Strait and cruise down the Tassie coast, stopping briefly in Wineglass Bay and then entering the Derwent via Dunnaley Canal.

The photo above which looks like a leach is actually a diesel bug which totally blocked the fuel line between the tank and the primary filter. I am very much believing that fuel treatment is essential not a luxury!

We had a great trip and I thank Johannes, Murray and Lloyd for their assistance and great company, we had a lot of laughs!!


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