“Rose” Swarbrick 44 Brisbane to Hobart February 2017

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After crewman Jeff secumbed to the ways of Jetstar (flight cancelled) we departed 12 later than planned which meant heading north into a strong NE wind to clear Moreton Is rather than the inland route to Southport then out via the seaway. Eventually at 0200 we turned south an picked up about 3kt of current which saw us making great time down the coast. So much so that we cancelled all potential stops apart from a 20 minute refuel at Pt Stephens and made it to Pt Huon in just over 7days.

The pictures show the southern tip of Maria Is then the Dunally canal and Dennison Bridge all which were expertly navigated by Jeff my crewmate on this voyage. Great to sail with Jeff again after many years together racing on our dear friend, the late Tony Bates’s boats.

The final picture is arrival night at the Kermandie pub where we celebrated Jeff’s birthday with a couple of new mates off Anitra 5. Thanks Jeff for your great help and looking forward to next sail together.

ps the dolphins got very excited to see us and put on a great display mid Bass Strait

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