“Ortessa” Hatteras 70 from Pier 35 Melbourne to Sydney 2015

Noon sight reduction


Ortessa at Pier 35 Melbourne
Captain Scotty concentrating on those gauges









Scott will give Ortessa a new lease of life moving this beautiful 30 year old vessel into the digital age. Owner of www.marineonline.com.au and having an amazing amount of technical and practical expertise, Scott has taken on his next project to convert this 30 year old vessel both back to some of its original systems and at the same time into the 2015 digital age. Many of the systems have been added over the years resulting in 5 separate electrical circuits! There are 12, 24, 32,110 and 240 volt circuits on the boat which does create some complications, but none too great for Scotty to solve. He is a genius with a multimeter but also has a very high level of mechanical skill, so just something to entertain him on his days off!!

Good luck with the renovation and remember my invitation to check your work in 6 months!

Thank you to Anna for your great assistance and company on the voyage too.

ps the mathematical workings in picture above are my noon sight taken on route and giving a position only about 5 miles from actual. I am very much enjoying getting my sextant out after quite some years.

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